Ginger Bee: identity/logo/brand language, website

BDR Design: identity/logo/brand language, website

Rains: identity/logo/brand language, print & website

Emerge: identity/logo/brand language, website<

Equilibrium3: identity/print/website

Roots&Branches: identity/logo/brand language, website

Tikkun Farm: identity/logo/brand language, website

ScrogginsGrear: print marketing components

Andrea Huppert: artist portfolio website

Mt. Healthy Renaissance Project: website development

Parish Farming School: website development

Isaacs: children’s educational book

Seeking Direction: identity, photography, web & print design

Praying Body Yoga: identity, web & print design

Equilibrium3 Massage: identity/logo/brand, web & print design

Essentia: identity/logo/brand, print design


Lettered Greek/TeleiosLife: identity, website development

Parish Entrepreneurs: identity/brand language, brochure

Cogniis/Schwandner Creativity Center: identity, medical evaluation

Tracey Meade Garden Design: identity, website, photography

Cincinnati Horticultural Society: website design, photography

Ferno: catalog concepts and Dubai Health tradeshow

Ferno: brochure and visual brand language

Ferno: trade show display and vehicle design

ONE17: identity, website design

Sherman and Sadell Bradley: identity, website design

Brendans Crossing: identity, visual brand language, brochure design

Roots & Branches/The Well: identity and website

Ohio Justice and Policy Center: identity, visual brand language, stationery

Mindful Health Solutions: logo/identity, brochure, visual brand language

InWord Resources: book cover series, visual brand language identity, visual brand language, website design


British Columbia, Florida, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio